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What is Breadfruit?

(Artocarpus altilis, Ulu)

Breadfruit is a potato like starch..

That is very rich in vitamins A B and C.

Breadfruit is eaten green ripe or in-between.

Using a special roasting method, the fruit is cooked and flash frozen .

Our Process

We select the finest quality breadfruits freshly harvested on farms across Jamaica. Using a special roasting method, the fruit is cooked, flash frozen and then vacuum sealed to maintain its freshness.

Benefits of Breadfruit

Breadfruit is healthy, natural and very delicious when prepared properly. This is a non-GMO crop that contains no preservatives and is gluten-free. It has even been called a “superfood” that could end world hunger.

Breadfruit Usage

Rich in all essential nutrients and tropical starch, breadfruit is usually prepared by roasting or frying, and is popular in tropical areas, such as Hawaii and the Caribbean, as a delicious side dish.

From the Farm to Your Table:

Viv's Manna processes, packages and distributes roasted breadfruit slices and breadfruit flour from various Jamaican farms.. Do you have a question or comment? Complete the inquiry form below.

Jamaican Breadfruit

Easy to prepare, microwave or fried. See complete cooking directions on packaging.

Processed breadfruit lasts longer:

- Pre-roasted and sliced for quick and easy preparation;

Packaged for convenient storage and longer shelf life;

Always in season.

Roasted Breadfruit Nutritional Value

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